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Celebrating 28 Years of Service to The Community

October 19, 2018 - News

For many, Tully Hill has become a symbol of hope.

Tully Hill opened its doors on October 3, 1990 with a staff of 35.  We have treated over 18,000 patients and today we have a staff of 86.  We opened as a 56 bed detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation facility. Since then we have grown to add outpatient services to our continuum of care. The community created at Tully Hill fosters healing and hope for not only patients and staff, but their families as well.

Throughout our twenty-eight years Tully Hill has remained committed to:


Our Mission: To provide appropriate, cost-effective care of the highest quality to alcoholics and other chemically dependent persons and their families to achieve and maintain sobriety.


Our Vision: We will be a local, statewide, and nationally recognized, financially independent, premier treatment facility with a highly trained professional staff, using the latest in research and technology to provide an appropriate continuum of care to persons and their families suffering from the disease of alcoholism and chemical dependency.


Our Values: Compassion and hope; dignity and respect; safety and security; honesty and integrity; spirituality; flexibility; passion; teamwork; continuous quality improvement; and patient and family centered care.


We know addiction is a disease.  We know that it is treatable.  We continue to advocate for appropriate levels of care and lengths of stay.  We evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of medications consistent with our abstinence 12-step based philosophy of treatment and recovery.  We continue to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Friends and guests of Tully Hill filled the Center’s Great Room to capacity last night. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Tully Hill Foundation and the Tully Hill Corporation, we gratefully acknowledge our guests as well as those unable to attend as we celebrated twenty-eight years in business serving our community.  Thank you for your support of Tully Hill.

We would like to recognize and express our gratitude to our staff members who helped us create a beautiful evening. We would also like to thank the Staff at Tully Hill for their dedication and compassion for the past 28 years of service to the community

We were thrilled to celebrate our twenty-eight-year history among friends last night.  We are enormously grateful for the gift of financial support, time and the confidence our guests have shown and continue to show for the work that we do.



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