COVID-19 Referral Policy Effective 6/2/2020

Paul Marron
Paul Marron
June 10, 2020


  • Upon discharge (on scheduled day of discharge), a Rapid COVID-19 test (‘Rapid Molecular Test’) must be administered
  • The test results must be negative and faxed to us (315-413-5106 eFax, 315-696-8509 standard Fax) ASAP after being generated
  • Your referral will need to discharge from your ER, hospital unit, or detox service wearing an N-95 mask
  • Your referral must be completely asymptomatic: no fever, no cough, no sore throat, not shortness of breath / respiratory distress
  • Please tell your referral if not a bed-to-bed discharge or cannot come to Tully Hill w/in 24 hrs of discharge: should you need to return to any high-risk environment (e.g, ER, hospital unit, detox service), repeat testing may be required.
  • Development of ANY symptoms mentioned above mandates that the Rapid COVID-19 test be proven negative via the administration of a second COVID-19 test called a PCR test, which also must be negative before we can consider scheduling an on-site evaluation.


We require all such employees seeking substance use disorder treatment to have a Rapid COVID-19 test; have the results be negative and have provided us written confirmation of same; and not have returned to work or any high-risk area after the test and before being screened and scheduled for an on-site evaluation and possible admission.

Until further notice, we are not accepting referrals of any nursing home residents.

Paul Marron

Director of Business Development

Paul Marron, Director of Business Development, joined Tully Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center in July 2012. Mr. Marron graduated Magna Cum Laude from both Saint Bonaventure University with a BA, History/Pre-Law and Boston University with his MS, Public Relations. He worked most recently at Central New York Eye & Tissue Bank where he served as their Director of Business Development. He has extensive experience in healthcare administration, contracting, marketing and development in Central New York.