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New, Important Treatment Data Now Available

July 25, 2018 - News

Just how effective is substance use disorder treatment?

Tully Hill, patients, families, aftercare providers, employers…all parties with a vested interest in just how effective substance use disorder treatment is. Everyone wants to have and interpret information that covers a whole range of post-treatment issues. Among these issues is abstinence from the use of a drug of choice, employment status, tobacco use, 12-Step recovery program participation, aftercare compliance, and overall quality of life.


Tully Hill is now providing some results of its treatment services and programs along with follow-up demographic data of discharged patients.  We will continue to publish this information every quarter, for review and consideration by all interested parties.  We are gathering this all-important material using our web-based, post-discharge survey that asks about patients’ statuses 30, 90, and 365 days after discharge (and sometimes longer – we are getting responses from folks discharged as long as 15 years ago).



You can visit this survey at https://www.tullyhill.com/post-discharge-outcome-survey/


We realize the discharged patient information we are obtaining and reporting to you is not the ‘be all to end all’ data that should define the evolution of what are being labeled ‘value-based’ outcomes.  Far from it!  What we are trying to assign is value itself to our treatment and care of patients and families.


So what do we mean by ‘value’?  It boils down to helping patients achieve abstinence from their drug(s) of choice; generating in each patient that essential sense of purpose in living, working, and contributing; returning each and every patient to a stable, safe environment that supports recovery; and working with patients’ communities (relationships, social networking) to support sobriety.  We think the categories we’re reporting sustain a solid definition of ‘value,’ and then some.


Once standardization of performance measures is established, Tully Hill will gladly adjust to and most likely adopt them.  We endorse fully any and everything that will contribute to real collaboration of care.






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