Cathy Palm
Cathy Palm
April 15, 2020

Effective Thursday, April 16, 2020, Tully Hill is implementing a new coronavirus/COVID-19 admissions policy applicable to patients arriving for their scheduled evaluation and whoever accompanies them to the evaluation.

Our new policy requires that only patients coming for evaluation and admissions can enter our facility.

It also requires that whoever comes with a patient will need to return to their vehicle and wait for our family counselor to call them to do the family interview, and stay for the admission determination.

Our new policy reflects our continuing commitment to comply with and implement state and federal recommendations and regulations aimed at combating the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 disease. This policy in part is in response to NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s latest executive order, issued 4/15/20.

The new policy will be communicated to whoever does the pre-admission screening with us as well as to whoever calls on behalf of someone seeking treatment. During our pre-admission screenings, our Intake specialists will obtain from these callers the cell phone number of whoever will be accompanying patients to their evaluation. Intake will then convey those numbers to our family counselors and Finance department.

In addition, after our family counselor finishes our family interview, if necessary, Finance also will call whoever comes with a patient, to review any financial paperwork needs and cost shares involved with the evaluation/admission that were provided before the patient’s arrival.

Thank you for complying with our new policy, and your patience and understanding as we work together towards ending the spread and presence of corona/COVID-19 disease.

Cathy Palm

Executive Director

Cathy Palm has served as the Executive Director for Tully Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center since 1996. Ms. Palm is one of 7 founding board members actively involved since 1989. Under her leadership, a 2.2 million dollar capital campaign raised 1.6 million dollars which enabled Tully Hill Corporation to purchase their current facilities on October 31, 2003. Ms. Palm is also a founding board member of the Tully Hill Foundation, which raises funds exclusively for the Tully Hill Corporation. Ms. Palm continues to provide leadership to meet the challenges of a dynamic healthcare marketplace. Ms. Palm currently serves on the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) Board of Directors, where she has served since 2000. She was elected Chair of the NAATP Board in May 2009 to 2011. She also serves on the NAATP PAC Board.