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Nutrition Lecture: How to Budget in Recovery

February 4, 2019 - Blog

As part of Tully Hill’s ongoing Nutrition Lecture Series, Chef Rick Caballero and Jennifer Comfort led patients in a group challenge activity to demonstrate effective ways to budget for weekly meal plans while in recovery. The Nutrition Lecture series, which includes a total of four weeks of lectures followed by live demonstrations, inspires patients to make small changes in their everyday lives that focus on making healthy choices, to aid in the physical aspects of recovery.

The Challenge:

This week, patients were split up into teams and given a sales flyer from a local grocery store. They also were assigned the USDA suggested weekly thrifty shopping budget of $88.20 for two adults. Patients were challenged to come up with as many meals as they could using only the flyer and a list of items they already had in their pantry. The teams’ results varied widely in creativity and budget. Some almost adhered 100% to the budget and planned for very detailed and nutritious meals. One winning meal was selected based upon nutritional value from the team that spent closest to the assigned weekly budget, to be prepared during a live cooking demo by Chef Caballero.

And the winner was… Kielbasa With Red Cabbage and Pasta!


Kielbasa………….. $4.77

Pasta……………….. $2.00

Sauce………………. $2.00

Red Cabbage……. $0.75

2 Bell Peppers….. $0.99

Fennel Seed…….. $0.70

3 tbsp Garlic……. $0.35

Oil…………………. Pantry

Kosher Salt…….. Pantry

Black Pepper….. Pantry

Total Cost: $11.56



Cook pasta and hold. Cut kielbasa on bias and sear in hot oil. In Saute pan, toast fennel seeds. Add oil and garlic. Cook to golden brown. Add strips of bell peppers and chopped cabbage. Saute 3 to 5 minutes. Ass sauce and simmer 5 -10 minutes. Add cooked kielbasa and pasta, season to taste, toss and serve!


“I am ecstatic and feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride because my recipe was chosen. I think its helpful to those who haven’t had a normal life and need to learn how to start budgeting shopping and cooking for a new healthier lifestyle.”

-H. D.


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