Tully Hill

Treatment Programs

Chemical dependency is a treatable disease.  Tully Hill knows many factors contribute to addiction and that successful treatment attends to the multiple needs of the individual.  Based on the 12-Step philosophy, our bio-psychosocial-spiritual treatment and rehabilitation model includes exceptional medical and nursing care, extensive individual and group counseling, and family programs.


Inpatient Treatment Programs

Tully Hill’s Inpatient treatment consists of three seamless, progressive  phases – Detoxification, Rehab, Relapse Prevention – that correspond to American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria for Levels III and IV of care.

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Our Professionals Program has earned a multi-state reputation for effective treatment of individuals working in highly responsible positions whose addiction could affect their careers and the well-being of their communities.

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Business Executives,

School Administrators,

Healthcare Professionals,


Our Uniformed Professionals Program offers an individualized approach to understanding and treating the special needs of uniformed professionals who work in high-stress positions where impairment could affect the safety and welfare of their communities.

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Law Enforcement,



Emergency Service Personnel

Our Young Adults Program provides treatment for men and women aged 16 to 20.  The program features mandatory family participation from the time of admission to the program throughout the patient’s stay.

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Young Adults including High School (16 and older) and College Students

Our Family Program supports and educates families about the impact of chemical dependency.  We start with families at Intake and work with them throughout treatment, including during the program’s educational events.

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Significant Others,

Families of Addicts

Each patient at Tully Hill is assigned a case manager/senior counselor who develops a master treatment plan that includes extensive individual and group therapies.


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We provide medically supervised detoxification under the supervision of our Board-certified in Addiction Medicine medical director, round-the-clock nursing care, and Intervention services to our Inpatient population.

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Inpatient Specialized Services

Our Outpatient Treatment and Rehab Programs feature specialized groups in conjunction with individual, group, educational, and family therapy sessions, to achieve stable personal recoveries within a network of community supports .

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Outpatient Rehabilitation,

Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs

Our programs and services treat multiple addictions, from alcoholism to addiction to inhalants.

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