Tully Hill®

Rehabilitation Program Therapies

Individual and Group Counseling

Individual and group counseling is the primary clinical modalities in Inpatient and Outpatient programs.

⬤   Embraces therapeutic group process.
⬤   Builds trust and intimacy with patient,
     peers, and group leaders.



Integrated Services

⬤   Explores the connection between addictive behaviors
     and past emotional trauma.

⬤    Includes Inpatient therapy for many patients’

⬤   Recommends additional appropriate aftercare for
     resolving connections when needed. 

⬤   Is overseen by experienced Integrated Services



Our Educational Groups

Life Skills / Recovery Skills
Learning how to live without using mind/mood-altering substances.
Disease Concept Education
Lectures, Q and A, workbooks, films, used to educate our patients on addiction as a bio-psychosocial disease.
Gender Specific Group 
Certain issues are only comfortable for patients to discuss with their own gender, making group therapies for specific genders only, essential for effective care. 
Vocational / Recreational Skills
Recreational Therapist helps patients identify new interests and reawaken old/lost skills, hobbies, talents, and gifts lost to addiction.
Twelve-Step Education
Group sessions that address the 12-Step philosophy and what it means to experience spirituality in sobriety through the steps. 
Wellness Group
To treat withdrawal symptoms and or stress reduction, patients are taught and practice meditation and guided imagery. 
Relapse Prevention
The primary objective of this group is to prevent relapse before it occurs.
Life Story Peer Evaluation
Patients tell their stories, “what happened, what it was like, and what it’s like now” to peers in a group setting and receive valuble feedback from them. 


Our Professional Nursing Care

Tully Hill’s programs and services include professional nursing care 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.  Our Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Physician Assistants (PAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and nursing staff provide superior care to patients during their treatment and rehabilitation.



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