Tully Hill®

Uniformed Professionals Rehabilitation


Our Uniformed Professionals programming is offered as an individualized approach to understanding and treating the special needs of the uniformed professional suffering from chemical dependency and addiction.


Uniformed professionals work in very stressful, highly responsible occupations where their impairment could jeopardize their safety and health as well as the welfare of those they serve. Likewise, the consequences of their chemical dependency include risking their careers.


Our goal

is to assist uniformed professional patients in addressing their addictions in individual and peer and general population group settings with the hope of returning them to their families and careers: sober, safe, healthy, and productive.



Our Uniformed Professionals programming includes:

✔ Pre admission assessment
✔ Intervention
✔ Medical assessment
✔ Psychiatric consultation
✔ Diagnosis
✔ Detoxification
✔ 24/7 Professional nursing care
✔ Inpatient rehabilitation
✔ Outpatient treatment
✔ Meditation / guided imagery
✔ PTSD issues
✔ Resistance/ trust issues
✔ Crisis management
✔ Family program
✔ Uniformed professional group
✔ Uniformed professional counselor on staff
✔ Continuing care planning
✔ Back to work conferences as needed / requested


We treat uniformed professionals including but not limited to: law enforcement, corrections, firefighters, EMS & other emergency services. 


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