Tully Hill

Young Adults Rehabilitation

Our Young Adults Program provides treatment and rehabilitation for young men and women ages 16 to 20. Prospective patients and family members can speak with Intake staff in Admissions for general information about the program.  Specific information can be obtained via our clinical supervisor at ext. 140 or our clinical director at ext. 141.

Admissions to our program are scheduled for Monday through Thursday morning or afternoon, or Friday morning. There are no weekend admissions to our young adults program.

Family participation in the family program is mandatory, starting at the time of admission.

For patients still in school, home school involvement is required (it has been shown to be essential to successful treatment outcomes).

Our continuing education program can make arrangements with patient’s home school district to ensure the availability of required educational services. Return to school conferences may be held prior to a young adult’s discharge.

Our Young Adults Program Offers:

  • Pre-admission Assessment
  • Variable lengths of stay based on individual need
  • Individualized treatment plans including discharge planning
  • A continuum of care that could include on-site intensive outpatient treatment
  • A nationwide referral network for continuing care
  • A full time ASAM certified Medical Doctor with 24-hour nursing care
  • An experienced, certified clinical staff Psychiatric consultation (as needed)

Our program features a daily schedule encompassing individual and group counseling, relapse prevention, recreation therapy, activity groups, and appropriate 12 Step meetings (NA, AA,CA).

All patients admitted to our program receive a comprehensive bio-psychosocial-spiritual assessment within 24-hours of admission. Outside resources, especially family members, are encouraged to participate fully in the patient’s treatment.