Tully Hill

Outpatient Treatment Program

Tully Hill understands the symptoms and needs of people suffering from substance abuse issues, and offers a comprehensive, uniquely designed, and individualized approach to the treatment of alcohol and other chemical dependencies.

Our Outpatient Rehabilitation Program and Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program consist of specialized group sessions in conjunction with individual therapy sessions, educational groups, and therapy group sessions to best serve the needs of our patients. Our caring and professional outpatient staff facilitates the development of a strong personal recovery within a network of sober community supports.

Hours of operation are variable in order to meet the needs of all patients and include daytime, evening, and Saturday hours. Scheduling also is individualized, assessed at admission, and reassessed at frequent intervals throughout treatment as goals and objectives are achieved by the patient.

Our rehabilitation program also encourages family members and loved ones to be involved in the treatment process. Tully Hill offers a Family Education Program as well as family conferences and meetings to help family members better understand what their loved ones are experiencing, and to educate the family about their role in recovery and what resources they might use to better help themselves.

Specialized Group

Specialized Groups have a specific purpose, and are designed to meet the needs for patients to obtain individualized goals and objectives for a full, well rounded treatment experience.

Professionals Group – Group members address specific issues and unique problems faced by many professionals. Certain behaviors and defenses that are used in professional work settings are not conducive to sobriety and recovery. Balance needs to be maintained between a professional work setting and a strong recovery. Attendance, monitoring, and screening reports are provided to monitoring agencies (such as PAP, CPH, OPD, NYS DOH, etc.) for licensure issues in order to advocate for our professionals as they recover from addiction. Back to work conferences are also supported and assisted with.

Young Adult Group: Tully Hill treats patients from the age of 16 years up to 20 years in our Young Adult Program. We have found that many times these young people have much to offer others in their input in groups and their views on life. Young Adults may also be in need of Disease Concept Education and have an Abuse Diagnosis as opposed to a Dependence Diagnosis. It is critically important to make an informed choice about one’s substance use before one crosses the invisible line into addiction.

Gender Specific Groups: Tully Hill offers both Men and Women’s group therapy. Because group therapy is designed to enable the group process, and requires the development of trust and intimacy, certain issues are only comfortable for patients to discuss within their own gender. These groups also foster the building of friendships and bonding with peers that bring our patients out of the addiction induced isolation they may have been living in for a long time.

Life Story/ Peer Evaluation: Each patient will have the opportunity to tell their story of: “what happened, what it was like, and what it’s like now” to their peers in a group setting. Afterward these peers will process the life story with the patient and assist with identification of defense mechanisms and maladaptive behaviors that require change.

For Additional Outpatient Program group therapies, see Rehabilitation Program Therapies.