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Tully Hill Constructs New Nurses Station

March 24, 2016 - News

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Tully Hill, New York State’s only free-standing chemical dependency treatment center, completed in early March of this year a total overhaul of its nursing station and adjacent area.

The eight week project featured the demolition and reconstruction of the facility’s entire, original nursing station and installation of a new LED lighting system.  Additions and improvements to the new station and area also included the mounting of patient drinking fountains with advanced refrigeration technology to assist with patient continuous hydration; putting in place above and around the new nurses’ station ten large fabric-wrap acoustical panels; renovation of the station’s med room service area; and upgrading and refurbishing the station’s second patient exam room.

The project also featured the installation of four large screen television monitors placed around the new nurses’ station for optimal viewing by patients.  The monitors display inspirational messages for patients, inform them who their primary clinical case managers and nurses are, and update and maintain daily patient medical and clinical schedules.  The multimedia-capable monitors’ information and messages are managed by Tully Hill nursing and IT staff.  Additional tack boards and display areas were created to provide easy access to information for men and women in their separate medical waiting areas.

“The successful overhaul of our nursing station and surrounding area will greatly benefit our patient population,” said Cathy Palm, Tully Hill’s Executive Director.  “It increases our nursing and medical staff capability to accommodate multiple patients simultaneously, and to do so with far greater privacy and far fewer distractions given the immediate effect the acoustic panels have had in dampening surrounding sound.  This project has been on our wish list for some time and we are thrilled to have successfully completed it.

“Patients and staff can now refer to electronic care displays that are accurate and timely, which will increase how efficiently we deliver care” she added.  “And adding things like new water fountains for patients adds to our already outstanding quality of care.  We will continue to put back into our facility those components needed to ensure Tully Hill remains the treatment center of choice for chemically dependent persons and their families.”