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April 8, 2013 - News

April 8, 2013

On April 4, 2013 Tully Hill introduced a second, more convenient way for its discharged patients to provide treatment outcome information.  The simple, ten-question survey available via Tully Hill’s website (www.tullyhill.com, click on Post-Discharge Outline Survey) is user-friendly, can be accessed and completed on numerous mobile devices in addition to traditional desktop and laptop computers, and takes but three minutes to do.

The online survey will supplement Tully Hill’s current practice of emailing the same survey to patients who agreed to participate in aftercare efforts every one, three, and 12 months after their discharge.  Making the survey available online allows discharged, participating patients to take the survey any time after they complete treatment.

The new survey is just one way Tully Hill measures the quality of its programs and services, and is in response to most of its discharged patients wanting to participate by answering questions online.

“We created a user-friendly, online survey that can be used on various mobile devices and computers,” said Audrey Benenati, MHA, CPHQ, Director of Quality Improvement at Tully Hill.  “A majority of our patients have been asking to be able to respond online to our aftercare requests.

“Our leadership team is very attentive to patient feedback,” she continued.  “We discuss it in detail monthly and respond accordingly, as it is important to us.  We really listen to what our patients have to say.”

In bringing the survey to fruition, Benenati added that measuring outcomes helps Tully Hill determine how treatment programs and services improve patients’ lives and reduce and even eliminate symptoms associated with addiction.

“Measuring patient outcomes lets Tully Hill know if we are delivering superior, effective care,” she said.  “Outcomes are an important measure of how we’re doing and how we can improve, if need be.”