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Tully Hill Named a “Top 25 Best Rated” Inpatient Treatment Center

October 8, 2017 - News

Tully Hill was recently assessed and selected as a “Top 25 Rated Best Inpatient Drug Alcohol Rehab Center in the US” by an independent 3rd party website called Addict Help. According to their article, the selection criteria were as follows: staff, success rate, facilities, program integrity & treating patients with compassion. There are over 14,500 rehab centers in the United States so we are honored to have been considered among the best in their eyes. You can click here to view the complete list.

Tully Hill serves the CNY community but also treats patients from all over the world as a result of the reputation of effective quality treatment that we have earned.

If you or someone you know needs help with chemical dependency or information about treatment options contact us and we’d be happy to assist.