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Tully Hill Receives Kinney Drug Foundation Award

December 9, 2016 - News

The Kinney Drugs Foundation has awarded $2,500 to Tully Hill in support of its kitchen and dining services reconstruction and remodeling project (see 9/1/16 NEWS story, ‘Tully Hill Completes Remodeling of Kitchen and Dining Services’).

In announcing the award, Kinney Drugs Foundation Administrator Tracey Stoffel said, “The Kinney Drugs Foundation is proud to donate these funds in an effort to assist you in enhancing the quality of life and maximizing the potential of persons within your community.”

Tully Hill Executive Director Cathy Palm praised the Foundation’s generosity, saying “We cannot thank enough the Kinney Foundation for their gift.  We are grateful for this generous contribution, and for the Kinney Drug Foundation support of our mission to continuously provide superior, cost-effective treatment and care to our patients and their families”