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Paul Marron
Paul Marron
October 9, 2020

Our highly regarded Family Day Program, sidelined for staff and patient health and safety reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is now available to patients’ family members and loved ones.  Resurrected on 10/5/20 and being presented at our newly developed:

Tully Hill Family Education Center

Family members and loved ones can once again experience the same lectures and sessions and obtain the same material and information that they were provided when we were able to hold our 7:45 a.m. to 3 p.m., live Friday Family Day on-site before the pandemic struck.

Family members and loved ones of patients at Tully Hill only need to follow a few simple steps to be able to access the Family Education Center’s Family Day programs, which include a medical lecture video on addiction by our medical director, Dr. Gregory Serfer; a series of educational videos (including downloadable video supplemental handouts located below each video) presented by Family Program counselors Thomasina White, CASAC-2 and Donna Salamone, CASAC-2; and additional, valuable handouts (Family Handbook, Recovery for the Family ‘Going Home’ outline) for family members and loved ones to use.

Those few simple steps start with anyone wishing to access and participate in the Center’s offerings providing our Family Program counselors with an email address upon conclusion of the counselors’ interviews with family members and/or loved ones, during a prospective patient’s on-site evaluation.  Once provided, we’ll send to that email a link to complete a necessary registration and consent form.  Once that’s submitted and received, a second email will be sent with instructions about how to access the Center’s Password-protected website page and virtual program activities.

We’re thrilled to be able to once again make this available, given the importance of family members and loved ones’ participation in patients’ aftercare environments and recoveries.  Our goal is to help everyone – patients, family members, loved ones – concentrate on the future, and cultivate an environment focused on everyone’s well-being after treatment.

Please note that our Family Education Center also is planning on providing in the future via its telehealth service clinical family conferences, allowing for ‘live’ interaction among conference participants (patient, patient case manager, family program counselor, attending family member(s).

For more information about participating in our reactivated Family Day Program and services, call Paul Marron at 315-696-6114, ext. 135.


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Paul Marron

Director of Business Development

Paul Marron, Director of Business Development, joined Tully Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center in July 2012. Mr. Marron graduated Magna Cum Laude from both Saint Bonaventure University with a BA, History/Pre-Law and Boston University with his MS, Public Relations. He worked most recently at Central New York Eye & Tissue Bank where he served as their Director of Business Development. He has extensive experience in healthcare administration, contracting, marketing and development in Central New York.