Tully Hill

Start the Healing

Angry?  Anxious?  Afraid?  Sad?

Frustrated?  Confused?  Helpless?  Hopeless?

Tully Hill Recognizes the Symptoms You Live With

They are with you all day long.  They are never-ending.  They give real meaning to the phrases ‘all hope is lost’ and ‘no light at the end of the tunnel.’

For the chemically dependent, there is untold physical, emotional, and spiritual damage.  The darkness and despair are overwhelming.

Not to mention the harm that the spouse, family members, friends, fellow employees and employers have experienced.

Chemical Dependency is Treatable

Individuals and families suffering from this chronic, progressive disease can be helped.  Lives and families can recover.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual health can be restored.

Tully Hill Successfully Treats and Rehabilitates

We have treated and rehabilitated over 17,000 patients.  Our programs and specialty programs, our services, and our professional staff are second to none.

Hope and Healing Begin Here

Your road to recovery begins at Tully Hill – take the next step and begin your journey out of the darkness into the sunlight.  Start healing now.


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