Treatment Programs

Addiction can be stopped. Disorders that develop from substance use can be treated successfully.  The life-saving treatment programs provided by Tully Hill effectively help families heal and return to living happy, healthy lives freed from the ties of addiction.

Tully Hill uses a bio-psychosocial treatment model based on the 12-Step philosophy.  This version of addiction treatment is still used at three out of every four successful treatment centers like Tully Hill.  Why?  Because it works.

The 12-Step model remains a proven course of action halting substance use and repairing the incredible damage caused by addiction.  Our curriculum is structured to ensure that we teach everyone affected by these chronic illnesses how to live full and sober lives, one day at a time.

We are experts at medically supervised detoxification and medically monitored intensive Inpatient rehabilitation, performed by our professional medical, nursing, and clinical staff.  While in our care, patients receive one-on-one attention and experience superior support.  In addition to outstanding, medically supervised care, our Inpatient rehabilitation treatment programming offers group therapy, individual counseling and other treatment related activities.
Length of stay (LOS) for each patient depends upon the level of care needed, determined at their evaluation, and the progress they make towards achieving their treatment goals. Co-Occurring Disorders: we evaluate, admit, and treat patients with co-occurring disorders in our Inpatient services and programs only (not provided in our Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient programs). Clinical staff are IMHATT (Integrated Mental Health Addiction Treatment Training) certified. Co-Occurring Disorders are addressed in treatment, initial and ongoing mental health assessments are conducted as indicated.

Treatment Works

Witnessing the transformation of individuals and their families as they embrace recovery is what motivates us to treat those who need and want help with our best effort, through each and every treatment stay. Recovery is more than just a remote possibility.  It’s a remarkable, life-saving occurrence and at Tully Hill, an everyday reality.

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