Tully Hill



Tully Hill alumni know that an important part of staying sober is to stay connected.

Thousands of our alumni have achieved long-term sobriety by doing just that.  They understand that freedom from substance abuse and chemical dependency is not achieved at the completion of Inpatient treatment and rehabilitation.

Tully Hill alumni play an active role in carrying the message and our mission…

  • Our alumni start support groups where they live and work
  • Our alumni volunteer to be recovery contacts for new Tully Hill alumni
  • Our alumni make donations and help ensure Tully Hill’s long-term viability
  • Our alumni advocate for recovery in general


“I knew as soon as I walked in the door at Tully Hill that I had arrived at someplace special. The care and compassion was evident in each part of my care, from the man who helped unpack my bags to my primary counselor. I had been in treatment before but never been made to feel as welcome or understood as at Tully Hill. I now have the pleasure and satisfaction of being able to share that experience and the Tully Hill compassion with others who are suffering from the disease of addiction. As an alumnus, I have been able to help others find the road to recovery that begins at Tully Hill. For this I am truly grateful”-Tully Hill Alumnus

Join our alumni association today-make a difference in the journey of those seeking to get and stay clean and sober.


The Alumni Association holds a meeting on the first Sunday of each month at 9 am. Please join us! We discuss topics specific to Tully Hill alumni and plan upcoming events. To get involved in our association and alumni activities, contact Jamison Wood at Tully Hill at 315-696-6114 or jwood@tullyhill.com.