Inpatient Treatment Outcomes

Inpatient Patient Satisfaction

Survey 1st Quarter 2022 2


1st Quarter 2022 Outpatient Aftercare Tracking

76% of our discharged patients in Qrtr 1 2022 who were scheduled for an initial outpatient aftercare appointment attended the appointment.

Tully Hill strives to ensure that each and every patient admitted to the Inpatient medically supervised detoxification service and Inpatient rehabilitation service and programs meets his or her treatment plan goals, while in treatment. Monthly, we submit to our licensing authority, the NY State office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), patient treatment and care data that it uses to generate treatment outcomes. Those results tell us the extent to which our patients are meeting their treatment plan goals.

1 Data from New York Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) Inpatient Crisis Episode (Detox) Item Statistics Reports and Discharge Item Statistics Reports for Inpatient (Rehab) Treatment Services. Data rounded to the nearest whole percentage. Treatment Plan goal components include alcohol, drug, emotional functioning family situation, legal, medical, social functioning, and tobacco use goals. Treatment plan goals are individualized and dependent upon diagnoses, the individual being treated, and his/her treatment plan.

2 Patient satisfaction is a daily priority for all Tully Hill staff. We are proud of both its survey response rate (57% of routine discharges for 1st quarter 2022) and the ratings that our discharged patients assign to our program and services. As with our treatment and care outcome data, we are always looking to improve patients’ experiences and perspectives of their stay at Tully Hill.

*source – NY State OASAS 1st quarter 2022 Inpatient Discharge Item Statistics report, ‘Education at Discharge’ and ‘Employment at Discharge’ report categories