Tully Hill

Evaluation and Admission

What to Expect

All individuals being evaluated have to be accompanied by a family member or someone who knows them well.  Tully Hill’s evaluation process includes:

  • Conducting a complete bio-psychosocial-spiritual assessment
  • Reviewing the individual’s past and recent medical history/physical exam
  • Performing drug urine screens and breathalyzer
  • Establishing an initial diagnosis based on DSM-V
  • Determining the severity of the presenting problem
  • Planning an appropriate level of care to properly treat the problem using American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria
  • Discussing clinical recommendations with the individual and family and collaborating with them on an individualized course of treatment
  • Meeting with family to integrate them into the treatment process

At admission, we provide patients with a packet of information detailing all aspects of care at Tully Hill.  It includes details about forms needing signature for treatment, patients’ safety, their rights and responsibilities, and what to expect from Tully Hill and what in turn Tully Hill expects from patients.

What to Bring

Dignity and respect characterize treatment at Tully Hill.  We expect your clothing and personal hygiene will communicate those values to the treatment community.  Your clothing and personal hygiene reflect your attitude about, and status in recovery so staff will assist you as needed in making decisions about how you present yourself to the treatment community.  Appropriateness of all dress and accessories is subject to the discretion of staff.  Tully Hill encourages patients to bring 5-7 days of casual, comfortable appropriate clothing.  Washers, dryers, laundry detergent and ironing boards are made available to patients.  Patients also need to bring:

  • Shirt, tie, jacket, slacks for men and dresses/blouse-sweater-slacks for Tully Hill’s Saturday evening special occasion meetings
  • Personal toiletries in original containers including shower shoes or flip flops
  • Stationery, envelopes, stamps, addresses, phone numbers for family/friends
  • ALL over-the-counter and prescription medications in original containers, insurance card, prescription drug card, Soc. Sec. numbers of the patient, Driver’s License or Driver’s License number
  • Names, phone numbers, addresses of persons we will need to communicate with including primary care doctor, all other medical providers, attorneys, EAPs, employers, referring agent
  • $30 in cash – personal checks not accepted (cash kept in an account for you to buy items – $100 is the maximum we hold for patients)
  • Disability benefit information, if you are eligible
  • Patients are limited to bringing 7 days worth of clothing.   Patients are limited to bringing 1 piece of luggage and 1 bag only.  
  • Patients must remain in the facility after they have arrived for evaluation and entered the premises.


Do Not Bring

  • Sexually explicit, spandex, or tight-fitting clothing
  • Clothing that’s torn, tattered, has holes
  • Clothing suggestive of drugs, alcohol, concerts/music
  • “Hoodies” – hooded attire
  •  Hats are ONLY allowed for use outside
  • Shorts
  • Skorts or skirts shorter than mid-thigh
  • Halter tops, sleeveless shirts/tops
  • Sandals
  • Alcohol-containing products (e.g., mouthwash, perfume, cologne)
  • Sharp objects (e.g., scissors, pocket knives, needles, bottles, metal nail files)
  • Aerosol cans (shaving cream allowed)
  • Tobacco products (Tully Hill is tobacco-free and possession of tobacco and tobacco-related products is prohibited and reason for therapeutic discharge)
  • Pillows (unless required medically, must bring MD verification of same) , Blankets or Bedding of any kind
  • Towels
  • Leisure reading material & Personal entertainment devices(NO magazines, cell phones, radios, DVD players, computers)
  • Food, Gum or Candy
  • Alarm Clocks

      Excessive Items

  • Makeup
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Any other belongings in excess

Pets are not allowed at Tully Hill.  This includes visitation days.


Discharge Day & Time

Tully Hill requests that patients be picked up promptly at 8:00 a.m. on the day of discharge.