Evaluation and Admission

We start treating and caring for individuals and their loved ones at each and every evaluation. Our high quality of care starts during the admissions and evaluation process. This is when patients and their loved ones’ start their journeys to sobriety. During this essential step of addiction treatment and recovery, you will begin to experience the compassion and commitment our team extends to anyone who needs and wants our help.

We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed. Our evaluation and admission’s team will do everything they can to ensure that all who need and seek treatment feel appreciated and accepted, including their loved ones.

We value a patient-centered care approach.  Tully Hill is committed to providing person-centered care that reflects the patient’s values, culture and beliefs.  Person-centered treatment is initiated in an inclusive manner that integrates the patient’s voice in identifying and establishing individualized treatment goals.  The treatment plan contains goals and objectives that incorporate the unique strengths, needs, abilities and preferences of the patient as well as identified challenges and potential solutions.  This is evidenced and documented in the patient’s treatment plan.

Evaluations are typically scheduled Monday-Friday between 8:30am and 2:00pm.

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Before you arrive for your evaluation:


❖ Our Intake Department will help determine any cost obligation(s) you may have. 
❖ Make sure someone is available to come with you for the evaluation.
❖ Review our list of what to bring and come prepared to stay.



The Evaluation


Our evaluations average between one and two hours each. 

At the same time you’re being evaluated, family program counselors will be speaking with the person who brought you to your evaluation. 

Once your evaluation is over and your loved one finishes with our counselors, the admissions team will make a level of care recommendation.  


Evaluations cover the following steps…