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Privacy Policy


While in treatment, your privacy is protected by strict state and federal regulations. No information can be given out to any individual without your written permission. Exceptions will be made for legal court orders, Child Protective Services, and circumstances requiring mandatory reporting. These same laws prohibit you from acknowledging other participants in the program to any outside sources including family members. During your orientation and then in your initial interview, your Case Manager will explain this in more detail. To ensure confidentiality, no cell phones, recorders, cameras, video camcorders or any other taping devices are allowed in the facility. All such electronic devices must be secured in patient’s luggage. Visitors must secure electronic devices in vehicles. Taking pictures and/or video on Tully Hill grounds or in the facility is prohibited. If you would like to gain access to your medical record, please discuss this with your Case Manager.



– Policy Summary –

It is the policy of Tully Hill to maintain the security and confidentiality of data and information. Patient and/or employee protected health information (PHI) will be regarded as confidential, and may not be used or disclosed except to authorized users for approved purposes. All patient care information in the medical records shall be regarded as confidential and available to authorized personnel only. This information cannot be released to individuals without written authorization of the patient, court-ordered subpoena, or by operation of the law.

It is the policy of Tully Hill to safeguard all patient related information from unauthorized access. Employees, physician contractors, and students may have access to the patient medical record information which directly relates to their job function without patient authorization, provided that they have signed a confidentiality statement.

Information on patients and employees is available through a number of sources at Tully Hill. Information can be found on the medical record, laboratory reports, appointment system, computer printouts, dictation, or patient care providers (physicians, nurses, etc.), finance records, and employee files. Gossip, careless remarks, or idle chatter in or out of Tully Hill about patients or employees violates a valued trust and the individual’s right to confidentiality. Records and reports will be protected and disposed of properly.