Clinical Services

Tully Hill provides group therapy and individual counseling

 These core elements of our rehabilitation programming are directed by our clinical case management staff of master- and advance-level credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselors (CASACs) and licensed, Master’s Degree-level social workers.


Group Therapy

At Tully Hill, we embrace the therapeutic group process and work towards providing initial intensive treatment and preparing patients to return to appropriate community-based care.


Our group therapies help restore patients’ trust and confidence in a safe, constructive setting.  Patients learn to express their issues, struggles, and problems and in doing so, to accept multiple patient feedback, perspectives, and critiques and grow emotionally.  Communication and socialization skills and the development of self-awareness also are important goals of our group therapeutic process. 

Individual Counseling

Programing at Tully Hill also incorporates individual counseling in the treatment and care of patients. Our skilled, professional staff work one-on-one with individual patients and focus their efforts on reducing and stopping substance use, skill building, adherence to a recovery plan, and oversight of group therapy outcomes. Staff and patients quickly establish a therapeutic alliance that expedites and facilitates the individualization of patients’ treatment plans.