Pre-Admission Screening

Tully Hill Phone Screening


At Tully Hill, to effectively treat and care for every patient we need to get as much information about the patient as possible before we evaluate and admit them.

That’s why we always ask for any current clinical or medical treatment information about a patient from referral sources when they refer someone.  It’s also why our Intake Specialists in Admissions need to screen each and every person being referred or who is referring themselves.


Why Do We Need This Information?


Carrying out both of these steps provides us with the following information that’s essential to our goal of providing superior treatment and care:  

  • Complete demographic, insurance coverage, and current addiction(s) and history
  • Patient’s current medical status and history including medication use
  • Addiction treatment history
  • Employment status
  • Past and current legal issues

Our Screening process includes the following simple steps. 

Don’t hesitate to call Intake in Admissions at 315-696-6114 / 1-800-456-6114 with any questions you may have about Screenings at Tully Hill.