Success Stories

We Save and Change Lives


Since 1990, we’ve helped over 19,000 patients and their families in their efforts to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Succeeding at Tully Hill isn’t just measured in superior outcomes. What patients and families experience at Tully Hill is a big part of how we define successful treatment and rehabilitation.

There are thousands of Tully Hill success stories. And all of them speak to our daily commitment to living our mission: providing only the best of care in achieving patient and family treatment goals.

“I was still trying to do it alone and it was killing me. I ended up having DTs and seizures and going to the hospital, where my wife told me she called Tully Hill and that there was a bed open. When my daughter who was 11 at the time pleaded with me to go to this special place Mommy found so she could have her Dad back, I went. And I learned about the ‘We’ at Tully Hill, I learned that there’s strength, power, and safety in numbers. I’m ever so grateful for what Tully Hill has done for me. Today, life is wonderful.” – T. M. 


“Tully Hill staff know what it takes to stay sober. They taught me how to handle things that can cause relapse. Tully Hill was such a healing place for me. It’s the first time I let down my walls and let people help me. That was huge for me.” – W. G.