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Referral Forms

We have a custom referral form for different situations. Please select yours below:

Click here if you’re with a Hospital detox service, medical unit, or ER.

Click here if you’re an Outpatient agency/clinician.

Click here if you’re a medical practice/healthcare professional.


If you are an EAP, legal entity, HR or another employer representative, please call 315-696-6114 or 800-456-6114  (Admissions) or email admissions@tullyhill.com

If you’re seeking help for yourself or if you’re a family member/friend/alumnus-alumna referring someone, please call 315-696-6114 or 800-456-6114  (Admissions) or start a Live Chat session (bottom right of your browser).


Our Referral Process

Everyone referred to us for admission has to contact Admissions and be pre-screened by our Intake staff. Our comprehensive pre-admission screening gathers the following information (hospitals, outpatient agencies/clinicians, medical practice/healthcare professionals – your template will already provide us some of this information):

  • Demographic and insurance information (verification of current benefits, cover for Inpatient substance abuse treatment)
  • Presenting problem(s)including history of presenting problem(s)
  • Substance type, last date of use
  • Medical Information
  • Treatment History
  • Medication History
  • Employer Information
  • Legal problems, past and/or present

Once that information is obtained, it is presented to our clinical/medical team which determines if an evaluation is warranted.  If so, our Intake Coordinator will confirm with the person being referred that he or she qualifies for an evaluation and will schedule it on a day and time available at Tully Hill and to the referred person.  Details pertinent to the process (e.g., transportation, insurance coverage responsibilities) also will be conveyed at this time.

We Will Evaluate You

Our evaluations take place at 8:30 am and 12:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Our Evaluation Team – our evaluator, admissions nurse, Clinical and Medical Directors – reviews the evaluation information.  The team will discuss the diagnosis with you and recommend a  level of care.   Evaluations take about three (3) hours to complete.

When we schedule an evaluation, the prospective patient needs to come prepared for the possibility of a recommendation to Inpatient treatment.  We communicate this possibility at Intake.  For what to expect at and bring to an evaluation, see Evaluations and Admission

Discharge Day & Time

Tully Hill requests that patients be picked up promptly at 8:00 a.m. on the day of discharge.