Addiction Treatment Week

October 17, 2023


National Addiction Treatment Week is an annual movement that aims to raise awareness about the addiction treatment gap and promote evidence-based approaches to care. This initiative is supported by Tully Hill and our efforts to highlight three important messages:

  1. Addiction is a chronic, treatable medical disease.
  2. Effective treatments are available.
  3. Recovery is possible.

Getting involved in National Addiction Treatment Week can provide you with the opportunity to learn from your peers, help combat the stigma attached to addiction, and inspire lasting change.

By sharing compelling stories and experiences, you can encourage fellow medical professionals to explore the world of compassionate and individualized addiction care.

To participate in the initiative follow us on social media, like and share using the hashtag #TreatmentWeek . 

Unsure about social media? We understand. You can still participate in this important movement by sending us an email or letter. 
We will remove all names and dates to protect your privacy. 

Your words could be exactly what someone needs to hear today.

Send to:

Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery
CO. Communications
5821 Route 80
PO Box 1116
Tully, NY 13159



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