CIWA-Ar – Critical Tool in Assessing Alcohol Withdrawal

June 24, 2020

The Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol, commonly abbreviated as CIWA or CIWA-Ar (revised version), is a 10-item scale used in the assessment and management of alcohol withdrawal.  It essentially objectifies alcohol withdrawal severity and helps guide therapy, and when administered properly prevents the potentially life-threatening consequences that can occur during withdrawal, such as seizures and delirium tremens. 

Because Tully Hill nursing staff are fully trained in the proper use of the CIWA-Ar assessment, they can confidently care for patients suffering from alcohol withdrawal and play an important role in achieving optimal clinical outcomes.  Staff are educated on the CIWA-Ar and trained in its use under the direction of Tully Hill medial director Gregory Serfer.

We would like to share Dr. Serfer’s training tool in the spirit of continual collaboration with our peer treatment providers, and as an educational one for the many non-medical / clinical communities we serve. Thank you for viewing and know that we welcome feedback!   




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