Family Education Center Consent and Release for Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery


I hereby authorize Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery to use my email address and phone number (if provided) listed below, to contact me to let me know of Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery’s programs and services, developments, and events and activities related to Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery’s ongoing operation.

I understand and acknowledge that I am consenting to have my email address and phone number (if provided) used by Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery exclusively for this purpose. I also understand and acknowledge that there will be no monetary compensation associated with my consent to use this information of mine.

I hereby release Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery from any and all claims arising from the use of my personal information as herein specified.

I am over 18 years of age, I have read the foregoing Consent and Release, and I fully understand its content.

Thank you for allowing us be a part of your healing process. Please feel free to reach out at any time.

Shelbe Danzey, MFT CASAC-T
Toll Free: (800) 456 – 6114 ext. 172