Tully Hill®

Inpatient Treatment Levels Of Care


Medically Supervised Detox Treatment corresponds to current American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level 4.0 criteria.
Inpatient Rehabilitation Medically monitored Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation treatment corresponds to current ASAM Level 3.7 criteria.


Medically Supervised

✔Patients are assessed and stabilized medically. 
✔ Round-the-clock medical care and attention directed by Board-Certified Medical Director, Nurse Practitioners (NP), and RNs.
✔ Detoxification modalities include medication, education, therapeutic activities, meditation and guided imagery.
✔ Detox is not a separate service at Tully Hill. 


Inpatient Rehabilitation

✔ Admission from detox services or if lacking acute withdrawal symptoms. 
✔ Bio-psychosocial assessment completed, multidisciplinary treatment plan developed.  
✔ Features individual and group therapy. 
✔ Monitoring medical and nursing care, 24-hour supervision. 
✔ Medication as needed. 
✔ Highly structured, 13-hour day in setting devoid of distractions and stressors. 
✔ Focus on disease concept, recovery processes, significance of aftercare. 
✔ Supervised off-site activities include community 12-Step meetings. 


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