Tully Hill

Inpatient Treatment Levels Of Care

Inpatient treatment at Tully Hill is offered in three phases with patients seamlessly progressing through the treatment experience as their needs indicate. Treatment corresponds to current American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for Level 4.0 Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Withdrawal (Detox) and Level 3.7 Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Services (Rehab).

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Patients are assessed and stabilized in this phase of the program that provides care at Level 4.0 based on ASAM criteria. Patients who need this service receive round the clock care and attention by Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and our Medical Director, who is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine.  Modalities available to treat symptoms of withdrawal and cravings include medication, patient education, therapeutic activities and meditation/guided imagery.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Patients discharged from detox or those lacking acute withdrawal symptoms are admitted directly to Inpatient Rehabilitation. Services provided at this level of care include completion of a thorough bio-psychosocial-spiritual assessment, development of a multidisciplinary individualized plan of treatment, individual and group therapy, medical and nursing care as needed, medication, therapeutic recreation and discharge planning. The program is highly structured, offering nearly 14 hours of treatment daily in an intense setting, devoid of external distractions or stressors. The focus at this level of care is the development of insight and understanding into the disease and recovery process, and beginning to apply the basic recovery principles to daily living.

Inpatient Rehab treatment also offers 24-hour supervision, and focuses on relapse prevention, reinforcement of pro-social behaviors, and the development of life and coping skills in preparation of discharge. Patients continue to participate in intensive treatment activities, in group and individual settings, and also attend staff supervised activities off-site, such as 12-Step meetings, and other recovery related events.

Discharge Day & Time

Tully Hill requests that patients be picked up promptly at 8:00 a.m. on the day of discharge.