Tully Hill®

Professionals Rehabilitation


Our Professionals programming  is offered as specialized treatment under the direction of our Board-certified Medical Director.

These individuals work in highly accountable positions where their impairment could affect their careers and the well-being of their communities. Our goal is to assist these professionals in addressing their addictions in individual and peer and general population group settings with the hope of returning them to their families and careers: sober, safe, healthy, and productive.


Our Professionals programming includes:

✔ Pre-admission assessment
✔ Intervention
✔ Evaluation
✔ Medical assessment
✔ Co-occurring mental health assessment as indicated
✔ Diagnosis
✔ Detoxification
✔ 24/7 Professional nursing care
✔ Professionals group therapy
✔ Professionals primary therapist
✔ Inpatient rehabilitation
✔ Outpatient treatment
✔ Professional licensure advocacy and monitoring
✔ Workplace reintegration
✔ Family program
✔ Continuing care planning
✔ Extended community support
✔ Back to work conferences as needed / requested



We treat professionals and licensed/credentialed professionals including but not limited to: healthcare professionals, attorneys, business executives, school administrators & teachers, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, pilots.


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