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Specialized Services

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Patients are assessed and stabilized in this phase of the program that provides care based upon ASAM Level 4.0 criteria.  Patients who need this service receive around-the-clock care and attention by Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and our Medical Director, who is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine.  Modalities available to treat symptoms of withdrawal and cravings include medication, patient education, therapeutic activities and meditation/guided imagery.

Medically supervised detoxification is not a separate service  offered at Tully Hill.  It is an integral component of our overall Inpatient substance abuse treatment program that includes medically monitored intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation programming and services ASAM 3.7 level of care.


When one member of a “family” (blood relative, close friend, partner, co-worker, peer) is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, everyone in the family is affected.

If you are concerned about the substance abuse or chemical dependency of someone in your family, you may want to consider doing a Family Intervention. Family Intervention, when indicated, is a very effective technique for helping the whole family face and work toward recovery.

With the skilled and gentle guidance of a trained interventionist, family members learn the facts about the problem situation and then present loving, non-judgmental, factual information to the identified patient. When this information is shared by a unified group of caring family members, the identified patient is often able to accept an offer of help.

Based on the Johnson Model of Intervention, this process will…

  • Focus on Insight, Change, Growth, Recovery for all
  • Work to promote a healthy “family system” where each member feels validated and free to express themselves
  • Offer treatment options and growth opportunities to each member including the identified patient
  • Proceed in an atmosphere of safety, kindness, respect, positive regard for all

*additional cost associated with this service*