Tully Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center Rebrands, Launches New Website

May 7, 2019



TULLY, NY – Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery, a 50-bed Inpatient substance use disorder treatment facility providing medically supervised withdrawal services, medically monitored intensive Inpatient rehabilitation services, and Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs and services, announced today the completion of its rebranding effort and the launch of its new customized, mobile compatible state-of-the-art website at www.tullyhill.com.

“We are pleased to announce that effective today we have completed our rebranding project including two of its key components, the introduction of our new Tully Hill logo and tagline and the activation of our new website and its mobile compatibility,” said Tully Hill Executive Director Cathy Palm. “Anyone needing substance use disorder treatment and anyone referring persons to treatment can now do so and access our services and programs using either a computer or a cell phone.”

Palm also said that Tully Hill has heightened its organizational principles as part of its rebranding, and would use them to retain and reinforce the treatment facility’s core mission, that of providing cost-effective care of the highest quality to patients with substance use disorders and their families, to achieve and maintain sobriety.

“We will maintain our mission and continue to have patients and their families experience it, through our daily execution of our organization’s enhanced values,” she said. “These include ensuring we keep providing spiritually enriched patient- and family-centered care, and do so with compassion and hope, honesty and integrity, and dignity and respect, in a safe and secure way and an environment conducive to recovery.”

Palm added that a second, important feature of Tully Hill’s rebranding is its commitment in all of its internal and external communication to use the term ‘substance use disorder’ in place of the traditional drug and alcohol treatment field terms ‘addiction’ and ‘chemical dependency.’

“This change in terminology will align Tully Hill with a growing licensing, accrediting, and regulatory body of entities and the treatment field itself to eliminate the entrenched, negative inferences associated with such traditionally used terms as ‘addiction,’ ‘addict,’ chemical dependency,’ and ‘alcoholic,’” she explained. “We are 100% behind such an effort that will help end the ongoing stigmatization of the chronic, life-threatening illnesses that comprise substance use disorders.”

Palm stated that with these and other achievements related to Tully Hill’s rebranding, the organization has accomplished its goal of raising its established brand value, expanding its availability to persons and families suffering from substance use disorders, and further strengthening its identity as an outstanding provider of substance use disorder treatment among the multiple communities it serves.




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