Why Rebrand?

May 21, 2019

Tully Hill serves many communities, and is grateful to be able to do so. Our ability to continually serve these communities can, in large part, be attributed to Tully Hill’s well-known commitment to providing outstanding treatment and care for persons and families suffering from substance use disorders.  We will never change our commitment to that daily goal.

Yet we all know change is a fact of life.  Former President John F. Kennedy summed it up best when he said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

We know our communities change and evolve, and have a future.  With these changes and progress, our communities’ needs also change. As a healthcare treatment provider, our obligation and desire to meet these needs also have to change accordingly, to ensure our future.  That’s fundamentally a prerequisite of ours: to maintain and expand our communities’ satisfaction with what we provide.

Change is as essential for Tully Hill as it is for our communities.  To meet the challenges our changing communities present, we’ve rebranded ourselves, incorporating into our updated profile the following major changes…

We’ve changed how we communicate internally and externally.  Addiction.  Addict.  Alcoholic.  Drug and alcohol abuser.  Chemically dependent.  Research now proves that these terms, entrenched in our overall culture including the treatment field itself, generate negative, harmful inferences for persons suffering from what too few understand are chronic, life-threatening illnesses.  Aligning ourselves with a growing, nationwide movement to destigmatize these illnesses, we have eliminated the use of these terms in all of our communications and have replaced them with substance use disorder.  This to us is an incredibly important change we all must have realized.    

We’ve changed our logo.  New colors, new look, new tag line (‘treatment & recovery’): our new logo energizes and elevates our image, and reinforces simply, cleanly, and quickly what we’ve always been and always will be about: treatment and recovery.   

We’ve launched a new ‘product’. Not a new treatment product, but a new, state-of-the-art website that likewise greatly streamlines who we are, quickly and easily explains all we do and how, and offers you more than one convenient way to connect with us.  We also use it now to tell you how well we’re doing (see post Treatment Outcomes).  Perhaps the best benefit of many: our site is mobile compatible, you can now refer persons and access our services and programs via a cell phone.

Why rebrand?  To improve our recognition, and therefore our availability to persons and families suffering from substance use disorders.  To strengthen our communities’ trust in us, and convey even more our pledge to deliver spiritually enriched, patient- and family-centered care.  With compassion and hope, honesty and integrity, and dignity and respect, in a safe and secure way in an environment conducive to recovery.

We look forward to continuing to grow – and change – together with and on behalf of our many communities.


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