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Tully Hill Completes Remodeling of Kitchen and Dining Services

September 1, 2016 - News

virtual-tour-6310 DSC_6298The quality of food and how it is served has always been highly regarded by Tully Hill patients, their families and the staff that use the facility dining services.  With the completion of the renovation of Tully Hill’s kitchen and dining service on July 22, 2016, the culinary experience at Tully Hill is even more enhanced.

 The kitchen and dining services’ project upgraded how Tully Hill prepares and serves food.  The remodeling endeavor incorporated the construction of a new food service system featuring a state-of-the-art expanded serving line that will expedite and facilitate how patients and staff are served meals.

“The remodeling of our kitchen and dining services is the second major component of our in-house, two-part plan this year to improve even more our commitment to provide superior care to patients and their families as well as to continue providing for our Tully Hill staff,” said Tully Hill Executive Director Cathy Palm.  “With the redesign and renovation of our nursing station completed earlier this year, completion of this second major project ensures that we will be able to add to the already high quality of food and dining services for which Tully Hill is known.”  The five-week project saw the replacement of the carpeting in Tully Hill’s Great Room, which adjoins the new serving line and serves as the facility’s main dining area.

Other specific renovations included new flooring, lighting, a new ceiling, new Chef’s office and staff office with carpeting; installation in the kitchen of new warming ovens, 6-burner range, a grill and flat top, a stainless steel exhaust hood and ansul fire suppression system and a high temperature ventless dishwasher that captures its own steam and recycles it into the washing process; the mounting of a digital menu display and set up of a new coffee and beverage dispensing system; the installation of eight (8) new serving bays capable of providing hot or cold food, quartz stone serving line,  and ceramic tile walls, enclosed by  the new sliding doors between the serving area and the Great Room.  Dry goods storage room is updated with new lights, storage racks, flooring and paint.

Tully Hill Maintenance Director Bob Bean said the transformation of the facility’s kitchen and dining services involved considerable detail work that the project’s designer and construction superintendent completed “on time and at budget.”

“Project Designer Peter Forlano and LeChase Construction were instrumental in seeing that all the work was done to specification,” he said.    We are very pleased with their efforts and how the project turned out.”