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Tully Hill Contributes to Successful 2018 NAATP Conference

June 4, 2018 - News

As one of 26 sponsors of the 2018 National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) conference held May 20-22 at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado, Tully Hill played a fundamental role in the event’s Quality Assurance theme and its fundamental and strategic importance as an addiction treatment provider indicator of superior care.


“This year’s conference featured some 700 attendees and in that sense alone was hugely successful,” said Tully Hill Executive Director Cathy Palm, current NAATP Board member and past Board President.  “That terrific attendance demonstrated the serious attention outstanding addiction treatment providers are giving to quality assurance including two very key components, operating ethically and having our addiction treatment field measure and report patients’ treatment results.”


Unethical practices in the addiction treatment field have flourished for some time, garnering the attention of NAATP’s membership to the point of the association taking a leadership role in helping bring attention to and stopping such activity.  The unethical endeavors feature actual patient brokering whereby individuals act as intermediaries to recruit patients needing addiction treatment and profit from their placement, often in unsafe, undependable, unqualified treatment environments.  They also have included unscrupulous marketing tied to Google’s AdWords service, which Google temporarily suspended after learning from NAATP and others of the extent of what was occurring and the harm it was causing.


We at Tully Hill have experienced more than once these practices, that have resulted in serious and perhaps irreparable financial and emotional harm to patients and families,” Palm pointed out.  “We fully support NAATP’s actions to date and will continue to do so as the activity is identified and ended.”


This year’s conference also highlighted the measurement and reporting of substance use disorder treatment (SUD) outcomes, for too long an unattended need of the addiction treatment field.  The conference delivered good news surrounding NAATP’s 2015-2018 Outcomes Pilot Program (OPP), a collaborative research effort begun with eight other NAATP member organizations designed to establish protocols, surveys, and data collection best practices for patient outcome measurements.  The NAAP OPP, organized and initiated in 2015, has transitioned into the association’s Quality Control Consumer Protection Initiative that also encompasses addressing the unethical treatment field practices.



“The result of this three year-effort will be the distribution of an Outcomes Measurement Toolkit to NAATP members at the end of 2018,” said Palm, Tully Hill’s representative on an NAATP 2017 Quality Control Consumer Protection Initiative committee that was formed in 2017 in response to the escalation of unethical treatment field activity.  “We’ll soon have and use a standardized tool to be able to show how treatment successfully influences substance use disorders and also demonstrate the value of SUD treatment services.”




This is a huge step towards greatly enhancing what we do and how well we do it.”



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