Tully Hill®

Tully Hill: Now a Registered Trademark

July 9, 2018 - News



Deciding where to go for treatment of a substance use disorder (aka SUD) can be a difficult and anxiety-producing process.  Anyone seeking such help is already struggling with the many physical, mental, and related factors that accompany an active SUD.

For that person, for his or her family members, even for a referral source, choosing a quality treatment facility to go to often presents an additional challenge that can further burden efforts to obtain superior, worthwhile care.


That’s why our Tully Hill® name is now a Trademark registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


How does trademarking our name facilitate and
expedite getting treatment at Tully Hill?


Think of a trademark as just another way of referring to a brand.  By trademarking our name, we’re strengthening and expanding our brand, and the excellent reputation for SUD treatment and care that the Tully Hill brand represents.

There are several other important reasons that motivated us to trademark our Tully Hill® :


  • To make it easier for everyone to distinguish between our SUD services and programs and those of other facilities
  • To indicate to those seeking help for an SUD, as well as to those helping anyone seeking help, that Tully Hill provides a consistent level of quality in its treatment services and programs
  • To give anyone wanting help for an SUD the ability to protect themselves by relying on a known brand of treatment services and programs


Given today’s rapidly changing world of technology, we want to make it easier for anyone needing help for an SUD to find the factual Tully Hill, regardless of the search method they are using to do so. Seeing our name trademarked will help you trust that you are interacting with the real, actual Tully Hill. You can have confidence that you are accessing our organization’s services and programs, which are proven to be effective SUD treatments.