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Chef/Coach duo turns the spotlight on nutrition and a local food resource for individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

March 22, 2018 - Events, News

Chef Richard Caballero




Kathy Redman, Recovery Coach





Kathy Redman, CRPA-P, kredman@tullyhill.com

Cheryl Paccia, CNY Foodbank Food Distribution Site Coordinator – Tully, NY 315-696-5092

Richard Caballero, Head Chef /Food Service Director, Tully Hill – Tully, NY

 MARCH 7 and 8, 2018, Tully, NY – Patients in treatment at Tully Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center gathered in the Center’s great room on campus to conclude their recovery nutrition educational series by issuing a challenge to Tully Hill Head Chef, Rick Caballero to “show them the money.”   Their challenge was to turn several large boxes of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, and artisan breads, acquired the day before from their local fresh food distribution site, into food that would delight their taste buds and fill their stomachs while delivering the nutritional powerhouse punch typical of the daily meals they receive at Tully Hill.

Together, those seeking lifelong recovery along with facility staff, counselors, medical personnel and administration looked on as Chef Rick Caballero worked his magic to transform these everyday whole food staples into an ambrosial buffet.  The tantalizing aroma of the mouthwatering entrees of portabella mushroom and brie pizza and a crusty ciabatta egg sandwich filled the facility.  Entrees were accompanied by a Greek yogurt smoothie and side dishes of (class favorite) Thai coconut red curry broccoli, along with a pomegranate powerhouse greens salad, feta green bean salad with a poblano and lime vinaigrette, fresh tomatillo salsa, and zesty ranch coleslaw.

Over the past year, Kathy Redman, a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate, has spearheaded the design and delivery of a hands-on learning experience that brings nutrition into focus as a vital aspect of any successful recovery effort.  In a four-part program format, participants discover nutrition basics, meal planning, grocery shopping savvy and community resource access to whole foods.  Kathy works to provide concepts that participants can begin applying during their inpatient treatment stay and expand to fit their individual wellness eating patterns, lifestyle and recovery goals once they return home after treatment.

Each class in the series is overseen by Chef Caballero and concluded with a live cooking demonstration.  With an easy-to-understand approach that accommodates the novice, Chef Caballero reinforces lessons learned and provides the culinary skill instruction which brings truly delicious nutrition-packed dishes into participants’ daily regimens.  After each of the four class-content demonstrations, Chef Caballero concludes the class series with one final demonstration.  He encourages a “Chopped” style approach where participants gather for an opportunity to ‘stump the chef’.  Working with only the foods acquired the previous day from Tully’s local food distribution site and armed only with the spices chosen by class participants to replicate what exists in their own home kitchens, Chef Caballero delivered the goods!  With skill and passion, he proved the point that eating for wellness is within everyone’s reach and can fit into every lifestyle.

Working together, this duo is giving real solutions to those struggling with the challenge of the recovery journey ahead of them.

All produce and food items are acquired through the CNY Foodbank’s Fresh Food Distribution local site held monthly at St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Tully, NY.  The CNY Foodbank’s program is a partnership rather than a food pantry.  It offers access to fresh, organic fruit, vegetable, dairy, artisan bread, specialty diet food items and more to everyone without qualification or requirements of any sort.